School Training

School TrainingWe are doing basic levelone day workshops in School to educate students.We have Printer and Learning kit for School to educate students.

A Knowledge sharing session to 3D Printing

  • Introduction
  • History of 3D Printing
  • Different Technologies, How it Works!
  • Different Applications of 3D Printing

Computer Aided Design

  • Overview of CAD Software

3D Scanning

  • Overview of 3D Systems SENSE
  • Practical on SENSE Scanner

3D Printing various objects

  • FDM Machine Practical
  • DLP Machine Practical
In the process of 3D printing, the digital files are converted into 3D solid objects. 3D printer stacks the thin material layers one after another to create solid objects to add extra layers. 3D printing is indeed one of the most happening and amazing technology advancement for mankind developed over a decade. 3D printing has been the booming industry in most developed nations. But in developing countries, adoption of 3D printing is little slow. But 3D printing shall provide more opportunities that will help in growing economy. 3D printer is the important component to grasp in this technology. No matter what is defined in the statistics, acquiring a 3D printer is a costly affair for common people, by considering the average income. In the US and other developed countries, kids can access 3D printers in colleges, schools and universities, but in developing countries, only a few international schools have 3D printers. Despite all such odds, we are providing 3D printing courses to school students at very affordable prices.

Our Course

We provide expert 3D modeling and 3D printing training to cover all the steps, such as exporting and preparing 3D models, digitizing designs, and FDM. Students will learn from live 3D printing demonstrations and projects.


Several institutions and industries have been constantly adopting 3D printing technology. They employ designers and engineers with proper 3D printing training as product and prototype engineers. The 3D printing experts get placement in design houses which provide 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and 3D design modeling, scientific and biological modeling, and construction/architecture modeling solutions.

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