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college-training-big-img3D Printing is new era of Manufacturing Technology. In upcoming years 3D Printers would be part of the everyday life.We are here to explore application of 3D printers and teach you accordingly. This 3-day workshop is all about the first step for someone completely new to the world of 3D Printing. Below is the content and tentative agenda of the workshop.

Day 1:

A Knowledge sharing session to 3D Printing

  • Introduction
  • History of 3D Printing
  • Different Technologies, How it Works!
  • Different Applications of 3D Printing

Computer Aided Design

  • Overview of Rhino and Creo – CAD software
  • Basics of 3D Modeling
  • How to export proper STL file
  • Alternative of CAD Software – Free STL Files

Day 2:

3D Scanning

  • Scanning Technology and its working.
  • Overview of David Structure light Scanner
  • David – How it works! And its application
  • Practical on David SLS-2 scanner
  • Overview of 3D Systems SENSE
  • SENSE – How it works! And its application
  • Practical on SENSE Scanner

3D Print File Preparation – Slicing

  • Parameters involved in 3D Printing
  • Simulation and validation of extruder path
  • Dual extrusion – simulation
  • Support Material Generation
  • Model Optimization

Day 3:

Selection of Technology and Material

  • Identifying the requirement
  • Prose and cone of different Technology
  • Prose and cone of different Material

3D Printing various objects

  • FDM Machine Practical
  • DLP Machine Practical

Industry Trend& Opportunities

  • Different industry trend.
  • As an engineer what are the opportunities.
3D printing is known to be the whole new era in manufacturing industry. 3D printers are all set to be become the major part of daily life in few years to come. With college training, you will explore the adoption of 3D printers and get proper guidance accordingly. It is a 3-day workshop regarding the first step for someone who is totally new to 3D printing world. It is no denying the fact that there is plenty of scope for this type of technology in India and one can find great opportunity to provide training in this technology to a lot of people. The capital is the only problem. It needs huge capital and investment to provide training about this technology to the masses and neither individuals nor government have enough funds to train people about 3D printing technology in a developing country like India.


In this way, FIBROX 3D becomes the first technology provider to provide 3D training to college students in different aspects.
  • 3D Prototyping/Modeling – The transformation from product modeling and prototyping methods has led to increase employment for CAD workers. People who are trained in clay modeling and other traditional methods will need further training to move to other jobs.
  • Retail – The 3D printing has become pervasive in consumer goods. The increased use of 3D printer has expanded the retail sales in the industry.
Well, there are other industries have adopted 3D printing technology as their next big thing.

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