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Stereolithography (SL) is one of numerous methods, which are used to create 3D printed models. It is the process by which stereo lithograph apparatus (SLA), a unique designed 3D printing machine, converts the liquid plastic into solid objects. We, at, manufacture one of the most powerful and the most operational SLA machines in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Baroda and all such major cities. We are committed to provide quality to our clients and put them as our first priority. We closely adhere to the demands and requirements of industry, and make our machines to deliver the finest results.

Process of making SLA Machine in Ahmedabad

Stereolithography is essentially a laser-based technology, which makes use of UV-sensitive liquid resin. The surface of the resin is scanned using a laser beam, which selectively hardens the components corresponding to the cross section of the product, finally building the 3D part right from the bottom to top. The required support for cavities and overhands are automatically generated, and can be manually removed later on. Stereolithography is particularly good at delivering results fast. It is a technology, which produces fine models, with impeccable surface quality. At our company, we have developed our own SLA machines, which lets us build and ship parts efficiently in less than a day. The parts created using our machines are durable in nature and are of the highest quality.

Applications for SLA Machines in Rajkot

  • Visual prototypes for market testing and photo shoots
  • “Show and tell” parts with fine details and smooth surfaces
  • Prototypes for functional testing
  • Masters for the copying techniques, like Vacuum Casting
  • Low volume production of complex geometries
  • Pattern for investment casting

SLA Machines in Ahmedabad Working

Unlike the desktop printers, which one uses to print documents, the SLA machines does not exclude any liquid onto the surface. Instead, the SLA machines with excess of liquid plastic, some of which is hardened, to form into a solid object. SLAs consists majorly of four parts, a tank, which can be filled with the liquid plastic (photopolymer), an ultraviolet laser, a perforated platform, which is lowered into the tank, and a computer controlling the laser and the platform. In the first step of the printing process, a thin layer, usually between 0.05-0.15mm, of photopolymer is exposed above the platform. The ultraviolet laser hits the perforated platform, specifically “painting” the pattern of the model being printed. The Ultraviolet-curable liquid instantly hardens when the laser touches it, which further forms the first layer of the 3D printed model. Once the first layer of the object has been hardened, the platform is lowered, exposing a whole new surface layer of liquid polymer. The laser then again traces cross section of the object that is being printed, which also instantly bonds to hardened section beneath it. The process is repeated until the entire model has been formed and is finally fully submerged into the tank. Afterwards, the platform is raised to expose the three-dimensional model. The object is then baked in a UV oven to further cure the plastic, after it is rinsed with liquid solvent to free it up of excess resin.

High Quality SLA Machines in Baroda

Objects made out using the process of Stereolithography have smooth surfaces, but the quality is highly dependent on the type of SLA machines used. Our SLA machines use the finest quality components in the making of the object and this is why our reputation is high among many other 3D printing companies. Our SLA machines in Baroda, and all such major cities are highly functional and offer maximum accuracy. The amount of time to create an object with Stereolithography is also dependent on the size of the SLA machine used to print it. While small objects can be produced using smaller machines, within six to twelve hours, larger objects may take several days to get printed. We produce SLA machines for all such needs. Our range of SLA machines include both large and small machines to take care of all sorts of industrial needs for all applications. Our services and machinery has made us a reputation, which cannot be baffled. We have a high customer satisfaction rate, as we commit to quality and excellence. By availing printing services from us, you will truly get satisfying services from a team of experts. Our machines are fine-tuned to deliver the best performance, and we take pride in offering them. Look no further in your search of SLA machines, as you will truly get the most effective and efficient machines by us.

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