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Do you have any favorite superhero or war hero in your mind? Create your custom miniature to enhance your game play. There are some games that can give more intensive experience with miniatures. Some people paint their own minis and custom their own battle scenes.

No matter what interests you and what you desire, if you have ever wanted to design your own custom mini, you can do the same quite easily with some modeling tools and a 3D printer. We will show how you can create 3D models, add and combine them to your base and scale the same to any size you like for the same purpose.

We specialize in creating custom miniatures. We provide our miniature design services to both individuals and companies. We can help you create miniature at any stage and make the whole process smoother. We can design 3D modeling, miniature, and 3D print. With us, you can get resin casting, metal casting, or plastic injection molding.

There is one web portal also where you can find your perfect miniature,
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Customized Heroes

Make your own miniature and see it in real with 3D printing. Choose armor, race, mount, and accessories and customize your own miniature.

Apocalyptic Survivors

Check out the new range of miniatures which are designed on the theme of post apocalyptic world, where gangs of survivors go extra miles to live and fight for life. Order now the first miniature and recruit your own gang.

How Much does it Cost?

Before you place order, you may want to know the prices but cannot find the one in our website. Actually, it is a custom service, depends upon the complexity and size of the miniature. This way, we didn’t make a price list in our site. We have to get more idea on what you need to send you an estimated price. You may ask us if you have a budget without commitment.

If I Contact You, What Should I Send?

It is true that we are always here to help you all the time. But it is wise if you know in advance what we are asking for. We need a precise and complete description you need and what size of miniature you need after 3D printing. Another thing is concept art. If you don’t have one, send us a reference of image of the design you want.

I have decided to go for it. How long does it take to finish the whole process?

We are pleased to make a miniature for you. It is up to the complexity of the model and availability of our team. However, it takes usually around a week and half to design it and up to 10 days to print it and deliver it.

You can send your own custom miniature to ease the process, if you have. You can also sell the model online with us. You can set the price and we are here to take care of everything. We can send your part to you when sales start. We are always here to simplify the process.

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