Jewelry Models


Jewelry is known to have intricate designs which need proper attention to detail. These days, 3D printers are being used by several professional jewelers to cast a jewelry model.

  • Prepare rubber dies
  • Castable wax model
  • Low volume production
  • Jewelry Models
  • Jewelry Models
  • Jewelry Models

Direct Casting Patterns

You can digitally design your favorite master patterns for any kind of jewelry. Where silicon and rubber moulds cannot be used because of material fragility and design complexity, it is better to use SLA master patterns made with special material that can maximize pattern accuracy, reduce design time, and ensure proper replication with direct casting.

Patterns for Silicone Moulds and Production Rubber Moulds

The color of the material ensures easy inspection and de-modeling. The digitally produced patterns can easily promote the manufacturing and design cycle and reduce the cost by achieving proper wall thickness and great scope to reduce valuable use of metal. Delicate, well detailed jewelry can be produced affordably and quickly.

Before printing anything with 3D printers, a 3D model is always necessary. A 3D scan can provide a 3D model. You can design anything from scratch in your tool or hire a designer to create a 3D model for you.


Intuitive, effective and powerful, our 3D design software is innovative and professional. It is the most effective and adapted solution that can improve your production and design methods:

  • A unique parametric technology and construction tree on the market which can easily create your ranges and pieces. You can modify them at any stage without having to restart your project.
  • Works on both PC and MAC
  • An intuitive and clear interface which allows quick learning of CAD design and production of unique models within no time.
  • With just few clicks, you can switch from 2D photo, sketch etc. to innovative 3D design objects.
  • A library of several objects to let your imagination go wild and create all kinds of unique pieces. These pieces can bring your library to life and enrich it with your unique creations. A library can also be integrated.
  • Multiple options for file import and export allow you to create unique pieces in mechanical software and import the same into 3D design and use the professional features of jewelling or export your design in STEP or STL for production.
  • A 3D animation and visualization module can present and highlight the pieces because of realistic rendering.

Highlight Your Imagination

No matter what your strategy is, our interactive features will always let you to design your models:

  • Our in-house team of professionals can create stones, ring bodies, cutouts, sizing, honeycomb, and jewelling etc.
  • Create sketch with devoted Draft Kit module
  • Customize and create your own metal, stone, plating, weight, cost reports
  • Import 3D files and keep modeling in 3D design

From intricate Titanium to Multicolor, Ceramics, 18K Gold, and Polyamide, FIBROX 3D has something what you are looking for. With unique printing technology, materials and finish and color combinations, we provide nothing but the best quality to transform your ideas into 3D reality.

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