Dental Implants

Dental Industry have adopted 3D printing to increase production efficiency and precision in the manufacture of medical devices. By combining oral scanning, CAD/CAM design and 3D printing, dental labs can accurately and rapidly produce a range of orthodontic appliances.

  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Implants

How Dental Industry benefited by 3D Printing

To begin the process, a dentist scans the patient’s mouth to quickly and comfortably obtain precision data for the dental laboratory. The data is analysed using dental software such as 3Shape CAMbridge or DWOS-RPM from Canadian dental CAD/CAM software supplier Dental Wings, based in Montreal, and a solution is developed for the patient. The laboratory can immediately and seamlessly use the data to begin production of the necessary components for the case. Multiple cases can be produced simultaneously, allowing laboratories to fulfil their customer requirements quickly and with consistent quality.

Advances in materials research have led to the availability of 3D printing options that are bio-compatible and certified for use directly within the mouth, for both short and long-term use.

The surgical drill guides are medical devices which allow for precise drilling into a patient’s mouth for the placement of dental implants. Each drill guide must be carefully planned for the individual case and bio-compatibility is essential, as it will remain in the patient’s mouth in contact with exposed tissue and nerves during the implant process.

3D Printing technology has been adopted by the dental industry to increase efficiency and precision in manufacturing medical devices. Dental facilities can rapidly and accurately produce widest array of orthodontic equipments by using CAD design, 3D printing, and oral scanning.

Perfect Fit

Dental implants have been used for years successfully to recover the empty space of missing teeth. In the past, the dental implants placement covered time-consuming and invasive surgery. And placement was done without proper planning and thought on the cosmetics and future longevity. It was all based on guesswork.

Thanks to 3D printing, it has become easier to replace missing teeth with dental implants by ensuring least pain, sure shot accuracy, and beautiful cosmetics. 3D printing has become more economical, faster, accurate and predictable of dental models for several laboratory professionals.

FIBROX 3D has become the leader in CAD design technology to produce dental implants straight through CAD design imagery. We provide a cutting-edge 3D printer which can improve the results without compromising our high standards and costly expansion of technical facilities and staff of the company.

Why 3D Printing?

With our exclusive range of 3D printers, FIBROX 3D is offering models quicker at affordable price which is lower than CNC milling technology. Our 3D printer generates models with truly fine details and great surface finish to ensure great amount of accuracy needed by the customers. Our 3D printer is easy to use and can definitely improve your manufacturing workflow by leveraging non-techs and free up your technicians to work on higher level jobs. In result the productivity of a lab technician can be improved.

Our Value

We have become able to manufacture several types of printing machineries to attract new orders and increased productivity. Our clients like us to conduct all types of CAD projects at once. We are going to offer all types of dental indications. We are renowned to fulfill our commitments and control the complete process from the initial order of the dentist to designing the restoration with final manufacturing. With our world-class 3D printer, we have achieved complete workflow for our in-house fabrication of abutments, models, crowns, coping, and bridges of all combinations and sizes.

How 3D Printing Benefits Dental Industry?

To get started, the patient’s mouth is scanned by the dentist to comfortably and quickly to obtain the data for dental labs. Data is, then, analyzed with the help of dental software from the leading CAD software provider which is developed for the patients. This way, the dental lab can quickly and seamlessly use this data to start production of all the important components for this case. Several cases can be manufactured simultaneously, helping laboratories to exceed the needs of customers with consistent quality.

Advances in research have been responsible for the wide range of 3D printing solutions that are certified and bio-compatible to be used in the mouth, for both long and short term use. Our surgical drill guides are used for precise drilling in the mouth for placing the dental implants.

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