Architectural Models

Architectural Models

Because 3D printing architectural models offers time savings in the design phase, its niche group of users is growing. 3D printing architectural models provides the opportunity to reduce the number of steps, improving design time, while retaining fine details of the final architecture plan.Computer simulations have been used in engineering and architecture for a long time. However, visualization of buildings was traditionally done using scale models made of wood or foam board. This let architects see how the building would stand in physical space and whether any problems could be rectified. Now, 3D printing combines the precision of computer simulations with the tangibility of scale models.

  • shape studies


  • 3D Printed Models is Perfect tool for Critical Architectural shape studies.
  • 3D Printed models can be a valuable way of communicating ideas to colleges as well as towards the client. Your client may not always be capable to read or understand 3D drawings created on a computer.
  • You will spend less time in the modeling space. Just turn on the 3D Printer and you can continue with other important work while your printer does all the work.
  • Design freedom: double-curved surfaces and specific details often require considerable time and are difficult to create. With a 3D Printer it is a matter of few hours.

We are providing accurate, well-detailed, and highly effective architectural models and prototypes, combining modern technology with traditional knowledge.

FIBROX 3D Printing Solutions has been the premier adopter of 3D printing technology and combines cutting-edge 3D printing with conventional model designing to produce cost-effective and accurate construction models, architectural models, and prototypes.

We can directly translate accurate data from CAD to 3D printing as well as conventional model finishes are applied by our in-house workshop, at one location by our expert team. We are recognized for our forward-thinking techniques by our clients and it ultimately produces more modern and progressive model.

3D Printing architectural models has been adopted by construction companies, architects, prototypes and films as an important part of communication and visualization of their products. We can produce clear, white, and full-color Architectural Models effortlessly from most 2D and 3D data.

3D printing has achieved the level of accuracy and detailing which cannot be done by various traditional methods. The process of data translation needed for traditional process of model making can also be removed by our workflow. It also avoids mistakes and confusion.

In Architectural Model Making, adopting 3D printing techniques can mean competitive pricing. 3D printing reduces working hours to a great extent as scale trees, topographical detail and vehicles can also be added as part of 3D printing.

Major Highlights

  • Conceptual models are prepared within 24 hours
  • Architectural models are prepared in full color
  • We make a complete architectural model
  • Finishing may consist of scale trees, landscaping, people (animation), vehicles and lighting
  • 3D printed models are combined with conventional Architectural model creation
  • World-class spray finishes
  • Perspex display cases, bespoke plinths and travel cases

Let Your Clients Visualize Your Creation with Promotional Models

We also create promotional 3D models which are the important part of virtual tours for the promotion of your real estate project. This way, future clients or investors can easily connect themselves to your design.

We print lifelike 3D models of different types like cutaway drawings, 3D plans, city scale models etc. and sizes as per the requirements of your showroom, sales department of for your professional trade fair. We can also 3D print full-color plastic models or scaled models that can be used as customized models for the clients.

Make Your Project Successful with Competition Models

Present your ideas effectively to the professionals or jury with your 3D competition model with your proof of concept model. FIBROX 3D can print monochromic architectural models in up to 27” of sizes in one go and we can section your model strategically if it is larger. The best part of 3D printing is that we are capable to produce any kind of model despite its shape.

Add Life to Your Concepts with Study Models

Stand out and save time with our amazing 3D study models. We produce dazzling white models in any form you need to improve representation and to showcase your concept in the initial stage of project. We have strong resin and plastic materials which are durable enough to be handled and transported safely.

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