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Life is full of moments that can become precious gems. For decades we have captured the moments your family will cherish for years to come through photographs. We keep them in photo albums, hang them in frames, put them on our desk at work.

Technology has now provided a way to capture those occasions with 3D replicas in remarkable detail and fine features. Collect them over the years, they grow as your children grow as they are to scale.

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How it works?

  • Visit Fibrox3D studio or call us for an event for a scan.
  • The Scan, Scan your self.
  • Our 3D artists perfect your scan by making a few final enhancements.
  • 3D printers transform your scan, layer by layer, into a lifelike 3D figurine.
  • When your 3D figure has been printed we give it a finishing touch. Then it is packed and shipped to you.

Capture Your Special Moments in 3D Selfies!!

Give a shape to your most valuable moments and your loved ones who can stay in your memories in the form of 3D.

3D printed selfie is a miniature statue of human beings. Are you bored clicking selfies on your Smartphone and editing them? Now you can get the most of 3D technology and keep it going.

Get your own 3D version and your family to make their moments more special or just transform them casually into their favorite Marvel’s superhero overnight.

Instead of boring 2D photos, 3D printed selfies are the 3D version of your family, friends, and yourself. Our 3D selfies are made for fun holiday gifts, desk toys, and amazing display pieces, anything you may have thought of. You can easily capture your special moments in a unique and distinct way.

3D printed selfies are very much on demand these days. You can get complete body scan of your family, friends, or yourself and get it 3D printed into a realistic replica to freeze your special moment in time.

After 3D printing, your replica can be placed on a desk or shelf as a freestanding stature – a mini version of yourself. You can also get more of these selfies and experience things. Your face can also be 3D printed and attached over the figurine body you like.

From just standing or sitting around the living room or office, you can just turn into a roaming Lego and do all the adventures like other Lego characters. We brought all the possibilities to make your cool and funky 3D faces. You can order your 3D printed face on your desired figurine.

We can do it with our patented facial recognition technology for the conversion of 2D pictures into 3D prints and designs. You can realize all your imaginations of cool, funny, and crazy things to do with it.

Also known as mini me, 3D statues, 3D selfies or 3D portraits, are a 3D printed figurine of a couple, family, group of friends, or an individual that is created by a photo-realistic 3D scan. With advances in 3D printing, you can easily create your own figurine. There are two main steps to get personalized 3D self figurine –

  • To Capture Subjects in 3D and in color the face of body – It can be done with a body scanner or 3D scanner. It gives a 3D file which can be used to unleash 3D print with our 3D printing services.
  • Bust on vivid 3D printer or 3D printing a figurine – We have some of the professional-grade full color 3D printers that can 3D print in material, in multicolor, such as paper or sandstone.

It results in a photorealistic miniature 3D figurine of a person in vivid color and with great amount of detailing. We create 3D printed selfies as great gifts to your loved ones for life events like graduations, weddings, or birthdays. It is known to be the ideal alternative to traditional pictures. If there is a wedding event, you can easily create miniature 3D figurine of a bride and groom.

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