Heritage Scanning

Heritage Scanning

In this world, preservation of ancient architecture buildings/monuments, artifacts, antiques and archaeology is increasing at faster pace. Specifically, the places which hold some artistic or heritage value needs extra care as well as conservation with highly accurate technology like 3D temple scanning and comprehensive documentation on regular basis, to secure its original value.

The laser scanner like Faro provides immensely easy and useful way to accurately survey and document the spatial information of heritage sites and share it via different mediums like Internet



  • Rapid and authentic virtual copy creation
  • Meticulous information and 3D documentation
  • Complex structure 3D imaging and modeling with fingertips
  • Representation of real 3 dimensional digital design of cultural heritage when its outdated.
  • Show-case, record and restoration of scared sculpture, intricate carvings in caves or in ancient temples.
  • 3D Documentation of a ‘Vanishing’ Civilization
  • Surveys for Cultural Assets & Conserves Historical artifacts
  • Helps Preserve a Piece of Indian Culture
  • Ancient City can be Preserved in Digital Scans
  • Expedition to Caves and documentation

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