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Titan1 is a SLA-DLP 3D printer of Kudo3D INC. It is built in the US and can offer quite a large build size of 192 x 108 x 243 mm.What is most impressive about the Kudo3D is the speed, which can go up to 1.9 inches per hour on the Z axis for lower Z resolutions of about 200 micron. Another interesting feature is that it is possible to stop the print to change the resin and create multi-color objects.
Kudo3D having a PSP technology which helps to increase speed of Printer.

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Kudo3D Inc has designed SLA-DLP 3D printer, Titan1. It is manufactured in USA and comes in large size with dimensions of 192x108x243mm. Speed is something which is the very impressive part of Kudo3D. It can easily go up to 1.9” per hour for lower Z resolutions on Z axis of around 200 micron. Another interesting thing is that it can easily stop the print to change resin and create multicolor objects. Kudo3D is powered by its patented PSP technology that can boost the print speed. Kudo3D has created a bottom-up, patent-pending, SLA technology which is also known as Passive Self-Peeling (PSP) technology. It can reduce the separation force between the resin and the cured layers. PSP consists of a flexible resin container which consists of six materials that work well to reduce the separation force. It features the objects that are around 10” tall and fine like a strand of hair. It can be printed on the same machine while ensuring good speeds and great resolution. All this printer needs is one stepping motor and it is well equipped with PSP. It enables Titan 1 to be more user-friendly and reliable and it simplifies the rotation. It can print around 7” per hour.

What is passive self-peeling (PSP) technology?

Passive self-peeling (PSP) technology is a patent-pending, bottom-up, SLA technology, which was created by Kudo3D to minimize the separation force between the cured layers and the resin. PSP employs a flexible resin container consisting of 6 different materials, which work together to aid in reducing the separation force. It ensures that features as fine as a strand of hair and larger objects, up to 10 inches tall, can be printed with the same machine while maintaining staggering resolution and impressive speeds. Equipped with PSP, the printer only needs one single stepping motor. This simplifies and enables the Titan 1 to be more reliable and user-friendly.


  • High Speed : When cranked up to the new benchmark, the Titan 1 printed up to 7 inches per hour, and they demonstrated that speed by printing a two-layer geodesic sphere with a diameter of 2 inches – in just 17.5 minutes.
  • Patent pending PSP (Passive Self-Peeling) technology: Passive double peeling mechanism Enhanced printing speed and surface quality
  • The Titan uses a single stepping motor, and that simplifies and enables the operation of the Titan 1 to be more reliable and user-friendly.
  • The Titan 1 offers high-resolution printing from 37 to 100 µm XY resolution and boasts the tallest build envelope on the market which lets users print objects up to 10 inches tall.

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