Flashforge Dreamer

The Dreamer is FlashForge’s Premium model, offering great value for your money. The Dreamer looksaesthetic and professional machine. It has Dual extruders, based on FDM technology.
Dreamer features a closable door and a removable cover to keep out dust and foreign particles, which also make Dreamer a fully enclosed workspace to stabilize temperature for better ABS prints. All of its hot and moving components are contained inside it to make it safer to use.Open the door, remove the cover and activate turbo fan, side fans and back fans to ventilate and cool down the chamber for better PLA prints.

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The time you start using Flashforge Dreamer, you will definitely be amazed with the user-friendliness and reliability of this 3D printer to print high quality objects. In addition, it features the patented extrusion system that can easily produce huge range of high resolution elements in its in-built chamber. Get a deeper insight to this printer and you will notice how this machine does that. Dreamer is a world-class and reliable 3D printer which can produce top quality prints at around 100 microns of resolutions. It comes with its flexible print chamber to produce various filament objects. Its build plate is made up of 6.3 thick Aluminum alloy. Dreamer is a typical Plug ‘n’ Play printer which can print just out of the box within minutes. It comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, filament cartridge which is integrated within, on-board touch panel, etc. All of these features and thoughtful designs provide seamless user experience to the users. With innovative and easy-to-use interface and lots of presets to ensure build quality, FlashPrint helps you to enter the exciting world of 3D printers. It has smart 2D and 3D support, split model and even more. It has a functional slicing program to add up to its features.

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