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Flashforge Creator Prois Stronger and free of installation.Safer and more comfortable.Bigger plastic levelling knobs. More comfortable and precise.Almost 180-degree opening front panel. More space to hand in and out.45-degree viewing control interface. More comfortable and ergonomic. Full-range power supply. Plug and play. Dual Extrusion Technology.The LCD screen makes for easy reading plus offers LED lighting.

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Thanks to its open-source technology, the Flashforge Creator has been created to be a top-quality and precise 3D printer. With several upgrades on its popular and proven model, Flashforge brought Creator Pro which brings quality and precision to a whole new level and it comes with several other possibilities. It is well suited for the manufacturers and enthusiasts. The Creator Pro 2016 is even more user-friendly and stylish than ever. Creator Pro has been upgraded from outside to inside. It is a very reliable and compatible 3D printer that comes with professional build quality and precision. It is made of strong metal frame which enhances the stability of moving parts of the printer. It comes with 10mm Z-axis guide rods and metal platform support to ensure the precise Z-axis movement. The build plate is made of Aluminum with 6.3mm thick alloy. This grade is currently used in aerospace industry these days. It features versatile chamber that is best suited for various printing environment for various materials. Hence, top-tier and precise print quality can definitely be enhanced. It comes with user-friendly and stylish design. All the plastic parts and metal parts are used well with one another properly as they are molded. The strategic design details consist of external handles, uni-body top cover, plastic leveling knobs, 180° opening front panel, 45° viewing interface, and full power supply.

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