DeltaWASP 2040

WASP launch a new professional extruder for fluid-dense materials and ceramic materials called Clay Extruder. It is Accurate and reliable on all materials with pieces up to 40 cm in height with closed chamber and hot pad.It has various innovative elements like bubble eliminating extruder which eliminates air bubbles in the mixture, extrusion controlling system with retraction option, outward pressure multiplier until 40 bar in the screw extruder.

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DeltaWASP 2040 is a whole-new professional printer to print on ceramic materials and fluid-dense materials. It is the new extruder which is known as Clay Extruder launched by WASP. It is made reliable and accurate on all materials with pieces that are around 40cm in height with hot pad and closed chamber. It comes with a lot of innovative elements, such as extrusion controller with retraction feature, bubble eliminating extruder which can avoid air bubbles in the blend, and outward pressure multiplier towards 40-bar in the extruder.

Salient Features

  • Compact, professional 3D printer that can create objects that are up to 40cm high, with heated plate and a closed room.
  • Reliable and precise in all materials.
  • Reliable and accurate on all materials on all the materials with hot pad and closed chamber.
DeltaWASP is considered to be one of the most versatile 3D printers available. It comes with big build volume and it consists of wide range of materials. You can also change the extruder to print in porcelain, clay, and various materials. It has got very beautiful design and it looks better than traditional 3D printers. It delivers up to 300mm/sec of printing speed and it is incredibly fast.

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