CreatBot DX Series

Creatbot DM is high quality FDM Printer with dual extruder with all metal chassis. It has smart adjustable extruder. It has geared motor filament feeder. Machine supports three nozzles at a time. Extruder supports Ultra high temperature up to 400° C. DX series have two models DX and DX plus.

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CreatBot DX is a latest 3D printer which is powered by supporting auto shutdown once printing is done, along with its power management system. Once the printing is done and it detects no keyboard activity within 5 minutes, it will automatically shut down. It is a very handy feature that makes it very energy efficient. CreatBot DX is a cutting-edge 3D printer which is loaded with its multipurpose keyboard. It supports 1-click access to a specific function. It has got 9 shortcut keys on the keyboard. Each key in the keyboard has various functions in various situations. Some of the supporting features are Z shaft to move down and move up, cooling or heating hot bed, resume or dismiss printing, 1-click to browse SD card, 1 click to go back to main window and various advanced features. It has got great rigidity in metal hot bed tray to provide fewer vibrations when it starts working. It has got metal bracket to fix the hot bed tray and it is around 10mm thick. Hence the overall body design and hot bed blend well in a very strong and harmonious printer. The remote wire feeder architecture is very amazing feature. It ensures lightest extrusion head possible as the wire feeder is not placed on the head. It provides great printing speed with lower inertia.

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