CreatBot DM Series

Creatbot DM is high quality FDM Printer with dual extruder with all metal chassis. It has smart adjustable extruder. It has geared motor filament feeder. Ceramic hot bed plat gives it aesthetical look cum great thermal efficiency. Overall Creatbot is a popular brand. Creatbot DM series have 3 Models DM mini, DM and DM plus.

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A 3D printer needs a specific weight for stable performance. Hence, metal chassis is added to the 3D printer. All CreatBot 3D printers, including DM series, come with rugged and unified metal chassis. By using its unique 1-piece solid process, the printer is made precise and strong. This way, the chassis doesn’t deform in a long distance transport. CreatBot DM series printers come with geared motors to generate more torque than common stepper motor. This way, the filament avoids slipping on wire feeding. This way, it ensures feeding retraction and precision. The design also avoids the damage to the filament in the wire feed roller. CreatBox extruders have smart cooling system. This way, it ensures optimal temperature of filament feeding. The design also consists of height-adjustable nozzle with which you can align several nozzles easily and quickly. This way, it provides the ideal coordination while printing multi-color models. It can support 3 heads. The heating area can be made uniform with unidirectional thermal features and ceramic hot bed panel. It has improved thermal efficiency to ensure power saving. It has more authentic look and smooth look of ceramic panel. The ceramic heating panels are silicone based and they also have long shelf-life.

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