CreatBot DE Series

Creatbot DM is high quality FDM Printer with dual extruder with all metal chassis. It has smart adjustable extruder. It has geared motor filament feeder. Machine supports three nozzles at a time. Extruder supports Ultra high temperature up to 400° C. It has auto pause facility, when filament ends up machine goes pause automatically. It has auto shutdown facility, when the printing has completed and there is no keyboard action within five minutes, the system will automatically turn off the printer.DX series have two models DE and DE plus.

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Size doesn’t matter for 3D printers. By considering this fact, CreatBot brought DE Series printers with largest bed foot space with dimensions of 400mm x 300mm with 300mm of build height, 36 liters of build volume and print resolution of 0.04mm. It is also priced less than half price of its industrial siblings. Creatbot DE Series 3D printers are known for solid build, semi-enclosed chamber, dual print heads and transparent walls, a Bowden style extruder, and heated glass print bed. It has stepper motors on the extruder which are placed at the back of machine which provide light print head assembly which provide high speeds. CreatBot DE is known to print in ABS and PLA well along with other filaments, such as soluble HIPS, PVA and others. It is the best choice for education and engineering. It can print several objects for large architectural models, production work, jigs and fixtures, sculptures, etc. The printer leverages open-source slicing approach and it features Cura software support for 3D printing. It consists of a toolkit, PLA filaments (2 rolls), SD card, USB cable, and a range of spare parts. It has great features. The extruder has inter-replaceable nozzles in both 0.4mm and 0.8mm size.

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