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CEL Robox is a very popular 3D printer and is voted the best Plug ‘N’ Play according to 3D Hubs ratings. CEL Robox is very cheaper than its competitor and they gives 2 year product warranty. It has HeadLock tool change system, Dual Extruders, Automatic material recognition, compact in size. All these feature make it popular in market.

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CEL Robox is simply a “Robot in a Box”. It is a well known 3D printer and it is known to be the best Plug ‘N’ Play as per its 3D Hubs ratings. It is a very reasonably-priced tool as compared to its competitor and it comes with 2 years of original manufacturer warranty. It features HeadLock tool system, Automatic Material Recognition, Dual Extruders, and it is compact. Robox is more than just a printer. Robox CEL is a micro-manufacturing giant with precise positioning in 3-axis system, apart from the electronic and mechanical design of its HeadLock system which provides a great framework where it builds a large range of scanning devices and manipulators to let this machine to do a lot more than just printing beautiful 3D pictures. Robox has got very innovative and alluring nozzle design that can print incredibly fast. It comes with smart filament spools and it really works great with third-party materials. Its active print platform consists of very incredible design. The printer has got very unique design and it can print incredibly fast. It uses quick and smart filament spools and it really works well with other third-party materials.

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