AXIOMeis basic level Airwolf Printer with features. It can print many material like PLA, PVA, TPA, and TPU. The print head can goes up to 260° C. It can connect through Wi-Fi (Optional). Enclosed chamber, Auto levelling are its strong features. The bed is not heated so it cannot print high end material like PC and Nylon.

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AXIOMe is an entry-level printer from Airwolf which comes with incredible features. It has ability to print several materials like TPA, PLA, PVA and TPU. Its print head can bear the temperature of up to 260° C. It has connectivity of Wi-Fi, Auto-leveling, and enclosed chamber. However, it cannot print Nylon and other high-end material as bed is not heated. It is simply an incredible workhorse machine which is designed for schools and the people who are new to 3D printing. It features the latest tech which brings great results within less time to complete the print jobs of 3D printers. It comes with world-class CoreXY motion control mechanism to move at high speed and provide precise controlling of the print head. It uses well enclosed housing that is made of injection-molded polycarbonate materials and extruded aluminum. It can easily print the pieces which are large as 12.5x8x10 inches, i.e. 3 to 4 times larger than other products. It also supports huge range of thermoplastics, i.e. from PLA and TPU and other low-temperature materials to polycarbonate and nylon and other high-temperature materials. Airwolf has provided End-User Replaceable Cassette (ERC) for to upgrade and service it. This way, the product can be serviced fast and reduce downtime.

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