AXIOM DUAL EXTRUDER is Latest Airwolf Printer with features. It can print 40+ material TPU to Polycarbonate. The print head can goes up to 315° C. It can connect through Wi-Fi. Enclosed chamber, Auto levelling are its strong features. Provide print setting allow for easy dual colour or dual material setup.

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AXIOM Dual Extruder from Airwolf comes with latest and exciting features. It is capable to print over 40 materials TPU and polycarbonate. The print head is capable to hold up 315° C. It is capable to connect using Wi-Fi. Some of its amazing features are auto leveling, enclosed chamber etc. The print setting provided here provides dual material setup and easy dual color. AXIOM Dual Extruder is a fully fledged 3D printer and a standalone upgrade to Direct Drive. If you are a heavy user who wants ultimate performance and flexibility, you may definitely want to look for AXIOM Dual base model along with Direct Drive package. With this configuration, you can get the best of both worlds by getting the most of modular construction of Axiom. Since you can get the Direct Drive Upgrade as an ERC or End User Replaceable Cassette, one can easily swap between the new Direct Drive system and Bowden-style extrusion system of AXIOM, according to something which is best for a specific application. Along with several features, AXIOM Dual is a great 3D desktop printer which has become the top 3D printer as it consists of hot ends which are individually controlled to print in two colors or two materials.

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