Airwolf AW3D HD

Printing your 3D designs on the AW3D HD is extremely fast and efficient. Speeds range from 150-400 mm per second. Not only can you print quickly, you can also print in large scale for such a compact 3D printer. Prints can be as large as 12 x 8 x 12 inches.3D printing materials for the AW3D printer are universal 3 mm ABS and PLA cartridges, which you can buy from any manufacturer.Straight out of the box, this printer is fully assembled and ready to print. Made out of acrylic, this solid 3D printer has a LCD screen and a heated platform for when you want to print with ABS.

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With AW3D HD Airwolf, printing 3D Designs is a very efficient and quick experience. It prints at speed ranging from 150mm to 400mm per second. Along with fast printing, the printer can also perform in large scale as a compact 3D printer. It can print up to 12x8x12 inches. For AW3D, the printing materials supported are 3mm universal PLA and ABS cartridges that are available from all the manufacturers. The printer is ready to print and completely assembled. It is a solid 3D printer which is made of acrylic and it comes with a heated platform and LCD screen to print with ABS. Both the 3D printer and its software are compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. So, there is no compatibility issue in any way. In order to print 3D models designed by you or from files available online, simply connect it to your PC through USB cable or save files to your memory card and print the material without using your PC. The AW3D comes with 4 weeks of lead time. To work with AW3D, it comes with tutorials and manual on its website along with a blog, wiki, videos, and FAQ page for all your queries related to printing.

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