3D Scanner

White Light vs Blue Light Scanning

3D scanning is an important part of quality assurance, prototyping, manufacturing, and reverse engineering. The precise 3D blueprints and rapid workflows enabled by light-based non-contact metrology solutions make them an important technology that can have measurable benefits on an organization's bottom line. However, many organizations are unfamiliar with the details of the...

3D Scanning of Prefabricated components

The conventional way of quality inspection of prefabricated components is proletariat or labor-intensive, time-consuming, and erroneous. These days, technology gets to advance and automated geometric inspection techniques for prefabricated housing units using light detection and ranging (LiDAR) and building information modeling (BIM). The proposed technique collects the 3D ...

3D Laser Scanning in Topographical survey

A topographic survey is required to draw up a site map or a plan showing the natural features and man-made structures on a site. This type of survey is often also referred to as a land surveyor a detailed and contour survey. The final deliverable can be presented in a variety of formats from 2D plans and CAD files to 3D data with a digital terrain model (DTM) or even complete d...

Floor Flatness and levelness with ASTM E1155 analysis using 3D laser Scanning

A traditional method for conducting slab flatness analysis is manual, labor-intensive, and time-consuming. Floor flatness/floor levelness (FF/FL), a commonly used method. It requires the creation of a grid on the concrete slab following a set of specifications before taking manual readings. ASTM E1155 standard method for determining floor flatness (FF) and floor levelness (FL) ...

All You Need to Know About 3D Scanner

It has been clear that 3D laser scanning is not magical. The technologies that can make it possible are very advanced and really amazing. Various distinct technologies can be used to create these 3D-scanning devices where all technology comes with its own specific limitations, advantages, benefits, and values. Several limitations in the kind of gadgets that can be digitized s...

Monitor change over time of any construction using 3D Scanning

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a 3D model-based process that enables AEC professionals to more efficiently design and manage buildings. 3D laser scanner technology allows you to quickly and accurately capture existing structures. And using point cloud data, it is possible to accurately model not only the architectural or structural model of the entire building but also ...

How 3D Scanner makes you Feel Relax?

When you resemble to purchase a 3D scanner, one of the profits you should study is to see if you want to automate the 3D scanning services process. This way, much of the product doesn’t need to be done manually. Usually, when you are using a 3D scanner to capture a real object into a digital pattern on the computer than you must require first capture individual 3D scans ...

Benefits of Scan to BIM

Well there are numerous advantages for the BIM modeling from Scanned data, 1. Scan to BIM helps in improved transparency, communication, and collaborations. 2. Scan to BIM ease's project alterations and assists in faster decision making 3. Reduces construction costs. 4. BIM model generated from the scan data allows more reliability and quality assurance. 5. With the visu...

Best 3D Scanning Service

3D scanning is a way to capture a physical object’s exact size and shape into the computer world as a digital 3-dimensional representation. This technique captures information like the complex geometry, intrigue shape, colorized texture, and other details of the 3D object that is scanned. A 3D laser scanner can scan the data in lesser time than a manual job done for measur...

Benefits of laser scanning

1. Speed, Accuracy, and Consistency 3D Laser scanning enables a fast and accurate means of collecting billions of measurable data points in seconds to provide pinpoint accuracy, every time. 2.Valuable Data for Design Datasets are dimensionally accurate, measurable, and sharable, so you can eliminate any guesswork back at the office. 3. Works on Retrofits and New Builds ...

Why 3D Laser Scanning ?

Well, there are many ambiguities relating to the 3D Scanning and its services offer what kind of easiness of doing work. Here is the Why, What, When, Who, Where, and How 3D scanning is required is explained here. What is 3D scanning? What is a 3D laser scanner? Why 3D Scanning required? Which is the Best 3D mapping equipment? Well here are the most of the answers for al...

All you need to know about Reverse engineering services

If you need to make manufacturing design changes, but don’t have parts data and documentation, Laser Design’s on-site or in-lab reverse engineering services can help.   Reverse engineering using 3D scan data is the most efficient & effective way to generate a CAD model from a physical object that has any kind of complex or free-form shape. While using traditi...

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