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CAD To BIM Conversion Services

Fibrox3D is the leading CAD to BIM conversion outsourcing company that explore the design and drawings of BIM project at the early stage. For creating and developing BIM models it is necessary to undertake necessary BIM software that makes the process easier and faster.

Our in-house team of BIM experts has expertise in understanding the CAD models, BIM models, plans, design, blueprints, and the layout that at the later stage are converted into 3D models. These sets of designs and drawings are availed in a common file and cloud server that is known as Common Data Environment (CDE).

With the expertise and good knowledge to use necessary BIM technology and services, BIM engineers address all the necessary needs and requirements of building contractors, architectural consultants, MEP contractors, engineering firms, and sheet metal contractors to work with each other on different parameters of BIM projects and platform. This entire level of work has a smooth and effective transition with the undertaking of CAD to Revit Modeling services.

With multiple years of experience and a successful ratio of delivering BIM projects, we assure our clients in providing detailed and accurate BIM models. Different types of files are converted from different sources like PDF, sketches, handmade drawings, or even an image too. Not only this but the data is even extracted from 2D or 3D CAD files.

The work of 2D CAD to 3D BIM Modeling services helps develop a systematic BIM model that comprises of BIM models that is from current 2D floor plans to the building section in accurate and perfect CAD files that is precise and accurate.

With the help of software like Autodesk Revit and Naviswork, our BIM engineers can easily and accurately convert all types of drawings like architectural CAD drawings, structural CAD drawings, and MEP CAD drawings to BIM models. All these processes of undertaking CAD to BIM conversion services are worked with an intended design methodology and as per the clients' need and demand for the BIM project.

Our BIM Conversion Services Includes:

Being one of the leading CAD to BIM services providers, we provide a different range of services that are available all under one single roof.

  • PDF To BIM
  • 2D CAD To 3D BIM Modeling
  • 3D CAD To 3D BIM
  • Sketch To BIM
  • CAD To Revit Modeling
  • AutoCAD To Revit
  • 2D To 3D Modeling
  • DWG To RVT