Best 3D Scanning Service

Best 3D Scanning Service

3D scanning is a way to capture a physical object’s exact size and shape into the computer world as a digital 3-dimensional representation. This technique captures information like the complex geometry, intrigue shape, colorized texture, and other details of the 3D object that is scanned.

A 3D laser scanner can scan the data in lesser time than a manual job done for measurement/documentation. In this scanning industry, point cloud data is the output which can be shared and imported in 3D modeling software.
If the project is Scan to BIM; then. RCP project point cloud file along with the.RCS file is required to do modeling on Architecture software REVIT, Sketchup, etc.

On the other hand, Plant engineering projects are mainly done for As-built documentation for the exact blue-print of plants on digital form. That modeling software like AutoCAD Plant 3D, PDMS, PDS, Bentley Plant 3D, etc. requisite .RCP project point cloud file as an import file.

However, there are many different requirements that come depending upon the problem statement of individual companies. As it can be used in wide applications.
Here is the list of used cases of 3D laser scanning where it can be fruitful,

1. Scan to BIM
2. Plant As-built documentation
3. Heritage Conservation and restoration
4. Ballast water management system
5. Scrubber installation/Exhaust Gas Recirculation System Onboard
6. Asset and Facility management
7. Tunnel monitoring
8. Tank Calibration and Analysis
9. Space Optimization
10. Urbanization infrastructure management
11. Surveying
12. Reverse Engineering
13. 3D model generation for Scale model

Along with the many applications, scanning of idols and 3D models (complex geometry) for digitization purposes.
What do you think that the best 3D scanning equipment would be!? There are many foreign countries who had developed the Laser scanning machine so far,
FARO, Leica, Topcon, Sokia, Surphaser, Z+F imager 5010, AMETEK, 3D digital corp, Maptek, Barcoding, NextEngine, Shape Grabber, etc.

The best 3D scanner in India and many other countries is still a FARO Focus 3D laser scanner. We also have a 3D scanning service in India with our brand-new latest FARO Focus M70. Fibrox3D provides professional 3D scanning service to the end customer. This Industrial grade laser scanner complies IP54 for ruggedize applications where dust and sprinkling water(rain) can not affect the 3D scanner. Along with this, we can do big projects with a large area with cheaper in price compared to the higher range 3D laser scanner. Slightly expensive but compare to industrial application it is cheap laser scanning technology that can be used for multi-purpose. It can be used for mapping or surveying as 3D laser mapping of any open area for use of space optimization and to calculate the exact area of land at any given time.

There are handheld 3D scanners are also available for different usages in altered applications. Like, Monuments, sculptures, antiquarian, treasure trove, etc.

3D laser scanner price in India is costly. However, services for the scanning is quite cheaper in comparison to technology cost.

Fibrox3D provides 3D scanning service in India; with the best market price compare to others and also provides good quality point cloud data for further use.

Fibrox3D has two world-class 3D scanners in India. One is FARO Focus 3D laser scanner for long-range scanning and the other one is White light DAVID 3D scanner.

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