Pipeline Monitoring

Pipeline Monitoring
  • Vegetation Indexing to identify possible saltwater leaks
  • High-Res up-to-date imagery for ground crew inspections
  • Aerial imagery for pipeline inspections for any possible leaks
  • Relatively less time & lower costs
  • Continued Surveillance of the pipeline to identify patches that are getting worse
  • Streamline workflows in significantly less time

A 1% leak in a 20-inch pipeline can lead to a loss of 450,000 barrels a year and can irrevocably damage an area of up to 10 square kilometers. It is therefore essential that proper care be taken to ensure the reliability and quality of the pipelines in the field.

Traditionally, several intrusive and non-intrusive techniques have been utilized that include manual inspection, acoustic resonance, ultrasound scanning, flow analysis, MFL etc. Our drone solution is fully addressed to the Oil & Gas companies’ demand for firm and steady inspection tool which accommodate full coverage and viable flexibility to operators.

It enables fast assessment to the pipes condition precise identification of erosion exposed pipes vegetation overgrowth and much more, and helps decision makers with prioritizing maintenance and repair missioned run operators in sectors that range from agriculture to construction have quantified the difference this technology can make to the bottom line, yet the benefits of the technology are especially apparent in large-scale infrastructure projects with high regulatory burdens and high consequences if something goes wrong. Examples of these projects include highway and pipeline inspections, but the energy industry has and will continue to recognize these benefits in more ways than one.

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