Minning and Stockpile

Minning and Stockpile

Mining processes are highly labour intensive and and require huge investments to ensure the safety of workers and prevent pilferage from stockpiles. Mining companies are continuously exploring new technologies to reduce costs and improve productivity, margins and worker safety.

This can be achieved if mining operations are planned thoroughly, the assets are inspected regularly and the mining site is kept under surveillance. However, conventional methods are not efficient enough to keep up increasingly stringent environmental and labour regulations

High Resolution Orthophoto and Digital Elevation Models. We have a potential of generating very accurate and high resolution maps needed for detailed analysis and planning.

Track production from pit to stockpile with AI-powered surveys, measure mine progress with digital terrain models and protect critical infrastructure – all on the cloud.

Welcome to the mine of the future.

Fibrox’s Drones presents Aerial Mapping / Surveying for Mining sites employing fashionable drone technology. We have served Government and Private enterprises with grand success for improvement of efficiency and productivity of large mine sites. We even cater to project managers with stockpile management by quick, accurate, and real-time monitoring. Having satisfied Centimeter Level Accuracy, our GIS maps assist operation managers in the process of enhanced decision-making, allowing mines to be more productive and smarter. Along with 30x faster data collection and 100% safety Drone Powered Surveys, smart management allows companies to keep track of stockpile management, Mining operations, Haul road optimization, water and sediment flow, mining exploration, mine blast assessment, etc.

All drones used by us are of premium quality and are outfitted with RGB sensors to acquire aerial data of mining sites. Our GIS experts intensify the data accumulated and portray them as Geotagged 3D maps, Contour lines, 3D Point cloud, Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Digital Terrain Models (DTM), or Digital Surface Models (DSM). These models mirror vital characteristics such as safety berm heights, crests and toes, road boundaries, slope length, elevation change, etc., which promote the improvement of worker and site-safety management.

With our drones obtaining thousands of data points and up to 1000x more data points for one stockpile than traditional GNSS Surveys, our drones reflect highly accurate measurements. Paired with machine learning and geotagging of stockpiles, we provide volumetric calculations remitting a 99% accuracy guarantee.

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicle systems are beginning to have a profound effect on mining. These drones have proven themselves in the mining industry as an efficient replacement for ground-based survey methods.

efficient replacement for ground-based survey methods.

Here are some of the reasons why drones are used for mining surveys:

  • In the mining industry use of drones is currently centered on safeguarding human safety in risky and hazardous operations.
  • Using drones for mining surveying saves time and energy, increasing survey speeds and, ultimately, the drone is increasing productivity
  • Drones eliminate delays in project schedules and ensure plans are properly executed

By using drones, land use can be monitored and any encroachment on company property quickly detected.

Drones in mining improve the overall efficiency of large mine site and quarry management by providing accurate and comprehensive data detailing site conditions in a very short time. Drone data provides more precise volumetric measurements than traditional surveying methods, such as ground-based. Our Drones adequately collect authentic data from maximum open pit operation and bring out client specific deliverables including progress monitoring, mapping data of an entire mining site, and measurement if extraction volumes. We also provide the solutions for mining industries.

Drones can customise the technology to provide the best outcome for your project. Since stockpiles are by nature irregular in shape and exhibiting craters, it is difficult to estimate their volume with great precision using traditional methods such as GNSS surveying. These slow and costly methods also prohibit frequent surveys and can even threaten the surveyor’s safety, as they must climb up and down stockpiles and/or work in the middle of moving machinery. Drone’s aerial images can be used to generate point clouds, digital surface models, digital terrain models and a 3D reconstruction of a mining site, including its stockpiles. This enables high- accuracy calculation of stockpile value for monthly reconciliations or year-end audits, which improves the consistency of inventory reports in the company in the company’s balance sheet because drone results and post processing software are unbiased, you can also validate the amount of material moved by subcontractors.

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