Agricultural Drone

Agricultural Drone

Revolutionizing Agriculture with Drone Powered Solutions

  • Faster & steadier flights for crystal clear picture
  • In-depth situational analysis of fungal infestation
  • High-grade soil & contour reading from the sky
  • Mapping of low-lying areas for irrigation planning

Drone technology has left a long-lasting impact on the agriculture industry of India and its efficiency. We present drone-powered solutions to farmers to increase productivity in crop monitoring to planting, Livestock Management, Pesticide Spraying, Crop Stress identification, Treatment Planning, Plant Growth Monitoring, Precision Farming, Scouting and much more.

We use high-tech Aerial Surveying drones equipped with advanced sensors, such as RGB and Multispectral Sensors , to procure precise data. Many Indian make drones accumulate high-resolution crop data to identify any issues with the crops and notify them for immediate action before damage occurs. Geo-tagging Aerial Images provide valuable information that reduces cost and boosts yield by a significant percentage.

Crop Spraying

  • Crop Monitoring
  • NDVI Maps
  • Seed Bombing

Drone solutions are focused on driving down costs and increasing profits by providing the farmers with actionable insights. Customers can assess crop coverage and gauge productivity; identify disease, forecast crop loss and minimize losses with timely intervention.

Our drones provide an immediate shot of field in fraction of time it would take to scout on foot. Cover hundreds of hectare s in a single flight, capturing that helps detect and identify differently and areas of crop stress. Our drones can help farmers calculate exact land sizes, classify types of crops and also plan their harvesting.

Advance technology in agriculture

Advanced drone technology and Machine Learning for Precision Agriculture result in improved crop yields and profitability. Correspondingly, lower levels of standard input from the farmers are required to grow crops and maintain land, water, fertilizer, herbicides, and insecticides.

We combine UAV Aerial Imagery with Machine Learning systems for Crop yield forecasts, accurate crop count, crop emergence analysis, irrigation monitoring, crop health, crop damage assessment, field soil analysis, etc. High-quality drone data and Photogrammetry guard crops to guarantee productivity and to equip farmers with all benefits accessible.

Today Drones are specially designed for delivering extremely important data for crop health monitoring using multispectral imaging and NDVI sensing technology which is a quick and easy to use solution to visualize, measure Spectral signature of vegetation.

Ranging from observation and state of crops which incorporates identification and strategies to be utilized for better cultivating, crop dusting and spraying crops with insecticides from a height to seed bombing seed balls from the air at remote locations for planting trees we do it all.

Advanced fleet of agricultural drones are capable of spraying insecticides and pesticides with very high efficiency. Drone spraying for agriculturalists helps improve yield, decrease the risk of interaction with the chemicals, and optimize the process for large scale applications. We truly believe that technology can benefit our farmers and strengthen the backbone of our nation’s economy.

Drones provide growers, service providers, and ag researchers a fast and efficient way to scout their crops, identify stress, create treatment plans, track plant growth, and much more. Using high-resolution RGB cameras can detect and quantify crop health problems early on. These valuable insights can reduce input costs and boost yield. Drones data to generate prescription maps and plans, focusing treatments more efficiently and reducing costs. Gain insights that complement other agronomic tools.

E.g., for soil / leaf sampling, instead of randomized sampling, drone data can direct you to the best places to sample, saving time and money. Track how crops are progressing from emergence through harvest. Accurately monitor fields for phenotyping and other research applications. Periodic capture of calibrated data from professional multispectral sensors offers insights into crop health regardless of illumination changes, giving you the needed data to derive quantitative trends.

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