BIM Services

5D BIM - Construction Cost Estimation Services

BIM outsourcing services are nowadays being very much in demand. At Fibrox3D we deliver data-driven and market-oriented 5D BIM services to its clients globally. The process of BIM 5D services enables various participants that are involved in the BIM project. We offer BIM services to the team of architects, designers, contractors, and owners who are involved in the construction project.

Being the 5th dimension of BIM services, it involves the details and elements that involve the overall costing of the project. This is why it is known as the “Cost-Estimation” stage of the BIM project. As one of the leading BIM companies, we assist our clients in providing accurate cost and material quantity details of the overall project.

To get the entire project life-cycle and the cost-management of the construction project, it is necessary to undertake 5D BIM Services. The undertaking of 5D BIM services is provided at the initial stage of the construction by the quantity surveyors or the cost estimators.

With the use of integrated BIM technology and BIM software, our BIM engineers ensure to deliver the work that is from conceptualizing the BIM model, to its cost planning. This is all possible only with the help of the use of best-in-class 5D BIM software.

Our BIM Sevices and experts provide 3D BIM Model, BOQ/Quantity Take Off, Cost Estimation, Tendering and 4D BIM Scheduling & Simulation, Facility Management, Risk Management for a secure working.

How 5D BIM Modeling Services Is Cost-Effective And Beneficial?

The outsourcing of 5D BIM Modelling services is a cost-beneficial decision. It helps to know and understand the difference between the actual cost vs the estimated cost of a BIM project.

  • Integrating 5D cost-estimation to 3D and 4D bim models
  • Accurate cost-planning as per current market industry standards
  • Cost adjustment with access to real-time project detail
  • Detailed construction drawings and bill of materials (BOMs)
  • Extraction of 3D bim models via automated quantity take-offs
  • Easy and accurate project bidding and cost-valuation
  • Detailed document evaluation to know the life-cycle of the bim structure
  • Raw materials purchase details along with prefabrications