BIM Services

4D BIM - Construction Scheduling Services

The 4D simulation services that Fibrox3D develops in partnership with the Project Construction Supervision team and the data they give are one of the key components of our BIM Services. We employ all the information linked to the project's planning and construction in order to provide 4D BIM services. Our extensive expertise dealing with different AEC groups and corporations has allowed us to consistently provide extremely dependable services.

Being the top BIM service providers, we provide our clients extended 4d bim scheduling support that complies with international standards. Some of the top AEC firms in the world utilise our building information modelling services, and we have won recognition for our thorough support in the area of BIM 4D modelling services.

Features Of Our 4D Simulation Services:

  • Before creating competent 4D simulation services, all the pertinent data related to construction and project planning is first gathered and analysed. The conclusions are then reviewed with the construction planning and scheduling team.
  • After receiving the information needed for project planning, our technical team modifies the geometry of the 3D Revit model in numerous ways. The data from this model is then exported to the construction work schedule.
  • Following this procedure, the 3D model is connected to all the planning information and building activities.
  • The visualisation parameter is then adjusted after this.
  • Following that, the 4D simulation procedure is executed; this is done using navisworks 4D scheduling.
  • The best part of the 4D simulation is that it can perfectly relate to the actual progress as well as the progress of construction that was originally envisioned. Working with this model also helps to evaluate the delays and differences associated with the progress and make all the necessary changes

How We Work

  • Adapting and refining the time schedule
  • Changing granularity of 3D model(Revit model)
  • Exporting data to 4D simulation package
  • Linked 3D model to tasks of the construction schedule
  • Adjusting visualization parameter
  • 4D simulationof planned progress
  • Compare planned vs actual progress

Benefits Of 4D BIM:

  • Working with 4D simulation has several benefits, some of which have been briefly listed below:
  • It facilitates flawless coordination between the planning and design phases of construction.
  • It enables users to use lean construction approaches more effectively.
  • It enables seamless coordination of the different design and construction phases with procurement.