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Revit 3D Modeling Services

Fibrox3D serves customers in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and India with a wide range of 3D BIM modelling services. As a specialised BIM company, we provide engineering architects, engineers, designers, contractors, and consulting design companies custom Revit 3D BIM Modelling.

One of the top BIM service providers, Fibrox3D is renowned for offering dependable BIM services and Revit 3D BIM Modelling Services to clients across the world. We are experts at creating cutting-edge 3D models for the AEC sector, which in turn helps them achieve their engineering and construction objectives. Numerous AEC organisations have benefited from our building information modelling services in achieving their commercial objectives.

Fibrox3D is capable of offering 3D modelling services with a very high degree of accuracy regardless of how big or little the project is. Because of this, clients from over the world come to us for assistance with 3D modelling for their AEC projects. Our professionals, who have a wealth of expertise in the BIM market, have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to produce excellent 3D modelling solutions and BIM for Building services for the AEC sector. Before the completed model is handed to our clients, every single detail of its production is meticulously examined.

To increase project productivity and provide precise 3D models for your customised goods, we offer 3D BIM modelling services. Our 3D model outsourcing services seek to promote coordination and cooperation across various architectural, structural, and MEP design disciplines.

Our Features

Here are some of the key features of the 3D modeling support that we provide to our AEC industry.

  • While carrying out a LOD 300 & LOD 350 (level 2) modeling task, the first thing that we need to do is to collect or receive relevant data. This we obtain from our clients who provide us with all the relevant design data as well as the detailed drawings.
  • Once we have received all the data and the documents, we start the 3D modeling process with LOD 200. Then simultaneously by reviewing the data, we generate the rfi-right for information and then send it back to our client.
  • After we have cleared 90% of the rfis, we work further on the 3D model and combine the LOD 300 & LOD 350 (level 2) elements with it. This is used for estimation, construction coordination as well as clash detection.

The AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) sector constantly needs assistance with 3D modelling in order to create development models that are later authorised or finalised. Building and architectural projects may be skillfully modelled using LOD 300 & LOD 350 (Level 2), allowing for the planning of delicate features as well as the avoidance of pitfalls and loopholes. Shapes, sizes, positions, and orientations may be correctly determined using LOD 300 & LOD 350 (Level 2) models.

Benefits Of 3D BIM Modeling Services Outsourcing To Us:

  • We manage your projects on time with international quality standards and give cost-effective 3D BIM models solutions for every bim construction project.
  • We offer advanced 3D bim modeling solutions with innovative technology and reliable design for your project.
  • Our Revit modeling services are catered for every building type or project including residential, commercial, industrial, and other building construction projects.
  • We understand the project and client requirements and are ready to collaborate with the benefit of Revit BIM modeling services on complex construction projects.