3D Design

The process of creating a three-dimensional representation of any object is known as 3D modeling. This is done by using the specially designed 3D software and products. 3D modeling creates a new development in the field of modeling and printing. The 3D design services are generally used to create an effective three-dimensional model of any particular object. Nowadays all fields use this 3D modeling and its services. This is because of the evolving technologies of 3D modeling.

Where our 3D design services are used?

Our company provides 3D design services for the following industries,
  • Entertainment fields such as video games, motion pictures, and TV
  • Virtual reality
  • Marketing field
  • Printing industries
  • Computer-aided designs CAD
  • Medical imaging
  • Education systems

What are the 3D design services offered by us?

We offer different types of 3D design services for our customers. Our company provides the following services,
  • Miniatures
  • 3D printed selfies
  • Sand casting patterns
  • Dental implants
  • Architectural model
  • Interior accessories
  • Personalized phone cases
  • Jewellery models
  • Engineering prototypes
Nowadays miniature games and toys market developing in a faster range. Children mostly like miniatures. Most of the children like to play with it. Not only for kids but also miniatures are even used as table tops, painting hobbies etc. Whatever be the need, our company provides the best miniature models to the customers. We offer the best 3D printing and modeling tools for creating miniatures.
3D printed selfies
Everyone wants to make a photograph of their most memorable occasions. These provide us the precious memories for a long time. With the advanced 3D design services you can add some enhancement features to your occasions. We offer 3D printed figurine services for all occasions. Our 3D printers can transform your memorable occasions into a fine 3D model.
Sand casting patterns
The sand casting practice involves the use of a mold made by a pressing pattern. The sand mixture is pressed with this mold to get the desired pattern on the sand. There are three types of sand casting patterns such as loose patterns, cope and drag patterns and match plates. Customers can get all these three sand casting patterns from our company. We offer perfect sand casting patterns for customers for nominal rates.
Dental implants
The use of 3D design services in dental industry is an important one. Mostly dental industries use 3D printing for making the model of the implants. These 3D printing options are bio-compatible. Users can use it for both long term and short term use. We, in our company, offers dental implant services to dental industries. By using our dental implant 3D services customers can get a perfect model for their dental implant.
Architectural Models
Modeling is the backbone of any architecture industry. Clients want the best architecture design for their construction. The architectural model of 3D printing helps architecture industries in this purpose. Our company offers the best architectural model for the clients. Our models suit best for shape studies and provide best communicating ideas.
Interior accessories
The interior accessories give a beautiful look to any place. People normally want to get the best interior accessories for their use. Whatever be the application, interior accessories provides the best outlook. The design and creation of interior accessories based on 3D printing and modeling. Customers can get the best 3D models for their interior models from us. Customers can get 3D models from us and print their interiors. Or we get the customer design and build the model in our software and provide the exact print to the customers
Personalized 3D phone cases
Nowadays all people use mobile phones. The important accessory of a mobile phone is its case. People love to use different mobile cases. Our company fulfills this need by offering best 3D designed phone cases. Customers can get any model of 3D phone cases from us. Our 3D design services satisfy the need of the customer by providing beautiful phone cases.
Jewelry models of 3D design Services
Today most of the jewelry industries tend to use 3D design services. They use 3D design printers for casting their required jewelry models. We offer 3D design modeling service for wax modeling, models to produce rubber dies etc. Similarly, we offer 3D printers for making 3D models for the jewelry. We offer these 3D design services for our customers at affordable rates. Our main motto is to satisfy the customer needs. And our company works for the customer satisfaction.

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