Other Services

Other Services

Tunnelling and Mining

The 3D laser scanner for tunneling can identify and record any fissures or cracks which can be compared with the previous scan result assess the area of concerns. The 3D laser scanners immediately detect any kind of change in local rock strata. The 3D laser scanner provide accurate and fast measurement as well as highly accurate 3D documentation for geological mapping and structural assessment, making it the perfect solution for mining tasks.

A tunnel construction, maintenance or reconstruction is a quite challenging task due to confined space considering potential safety hazard.The building of a tunnel for coal and mineral mines or a cliff to establish a way of transport makes it difficult and insecure. In this case, 3D laser scanners such as Faro provide highly accurate technical assistance to perform complex tunneling tasks



  • More safe working climate
  • Potential risk reduction by the collection of important geometric details
  • Fast and accurate measurement in complex situations
  • Reduced unnecessary excavation by surveying
  • Reduced costs and resources are diverted to job efficiency.

Ballast Water Treatment Plant Scanning

We provides highly-detailed 3D Scanning to capture the “as-built” condition of the vessel and assist in the design and installation of ballast water management system (BWMS) technologies or Scrubber Exhaust Gas Cleaning System conversions. 3D Modeling demonstrates how either of these systems, and associated filters and piping, will fit within the available space for the vessel.

  • Capture the as-built piping, structure and arrangement of the vessel
  • Model the BWMS or Scrubber and Components in Location, Show Obstructions and Verify Maintenance Space
  • Generate a Preliminary Visual Design (to assist in decision-making of the final arrangement)
  • Reduce Potential Change Orders during the Retrofit
  • Provide for Pre-Fabrication Options to Reduce Costs
  • Identify Potential Hazardous Areas or Risks
  • Maintain Accurate 3D Ship Engineering Records for Future Use

Automotive Robotic Shell Scanning

In Automotive Industry it is very usual to change of robots and robotic shells when change in car production and new car production. We can do as built documentation of existing robotic shell facility for reference use, Line builders can use our data to design new production line.

Other services

  • Volume survey
  • Stock pile calculation
  • Marine and offshore industry (Vessel, Rigs, maritime equipment reverse Engineering)
  • Boiler and chiller plant reverse engineering
  • Site Survey for Event management
  • Site survey Lighting planning

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  • 3D Scanner for tunnel
  • 3D Scanning for Tunneling
  • Tunneling and Mining

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